Internet Walk

It’s easy to think of the internet as being something that isn’t really real. It is something we see on our screens but don’t really visit. It makes things happen, like sending a message around the world or switching on your lights. A lot of the pieces of technology that make all of this happen are around us all the time.

In this activity we have provided a list of objects. A couple of them you might have seen at home or at school. Most of them you can spot as you walk around outside. See what you can find.

Mobile Mast

The parts that actually enable us to send and receive calls are separate elements; antennas and radio base stations. The mast itself simply lifts the antennae to the height where they can transmit and receive radio waves

Smart Billboard

Combining a billboard with “smart technology” results in a Smart Billboard. Simply defined, Smart technology is using the internet to collect, send and receive data. And advertisements based on this concept are called smart advertisements.